Environmentally friendly, sustainable company for wood-based material

Our concern for the environment is most clearly expressed in the choice of our suppliers of constructive and decorative wood-based materials. Each one makes enormous efforts to reduce the pressure on our precious forests to a minimum.

Below you will find a brief list of some of the sustainable measures taken by our suppliers. Thanks to their active efforts, subsequent generations can also enjoy the many qualities and assets offered by wood for interiors and furniture.

Sustainable forest policy

Protecting our forest starts by deliberately choosing wood products from sustainable forestry. An active reforestation policy ensures that the growth of forests remains in balance with logging activities. We see to it that our suppliers operate according to FSC or PEFC criteria.

Environmentally friendly production

Thanks to high-tech production processes, it is possible to process waste wood and residual waste from the wood industry into high-quality wood products. This allows wood-based materials to be produced that to the naked eye look identical to tropical hardwood and other threatened species of tree.

Our partner companies also use as much green energy as possible and avoid hazardous substances in the production of wood-based materials. All these measures benefit the environment.

Top-quality boards with a long life

That our wood-based material is of the highest quality will undoubtedly be apparent to you from the long life of your interiors and furniture. To choose quality is to choose sustainability!