Looking for solid and easy-to-work wood-based material? Then consider using durable, stabile and yet light blockboards.

Cypers can provide blockboards in various coverings, sizes and thicknesses, such as:

  • Blockboard with Fromager veneer covering
  • Blockboard with MDF/HDF covering (single, double or triple core)
  • Blockboard with MDF covering and lacquer backing foil
  • Blockboard with chip covering
  • Etc.

    Applications of blockboards

    Precisely because blockboards are so easy to work, they are well suited to a great many applications. Are you a joiner or carpenter? Then blockboards are the perfect base for high-quality doors, sliding doors, tablets and cabinet doors.

    Characteristics and benefits of blockboards

    • Made from slats or wooden rods: They form a construction that isusually bonded with glue. How does a blockboard acquire the appearance of a solid board? A thin board made of MDF/HDF or veneer wood is secured to the outside.
    • Excellent durability
    • Stability and hardness -It is perfectly possible to use screws and nails inthese constructive boards without damaging them.
    • Lightweight and yet able to bear heavy loads
    • Competitive price
    • Easy to work and install - A blockboard with veneer covering or MDF iseasy to glue, paint, varnish, saw, etc. It is also quick to install, making it a cost-effective solution.

    Stock of blockboards

    Cypers can provide blockboards in various coverings, sizes and thicknesses. Interested? Take a look at our stock to see what's currently available or contact us.