MDF and HDF boards

Cypers is your reliable distributor of Medium-Density Fibreboard, also known as MDF. This compressed board with a medium-hard density is perfect for operations such as sawing, drilling, milling, lasering and sanding. The wood fibres are dried and bonded together using resins.

Cypers can also provide your HDF boards or High-Density Fibreboard: a particularly strong MDF board of a higher quality in which the fibres are compressed more strongly into a board with a higher density.

Cypers also offers you the ideal MDF-board in different sizes, like:

MDF MD (medium density) or HD (high density) - Standard (brown)

This may well be a basic MDF board in the Cypers range, but make no mistake about its excellent surface properties and homogenous core: these make the much sought-after MDF MD and HD standard extremely well suited to applications in the construction and furniture industries. Machining, painting or lacquering? No problem!

MDF moisture-resistant (MR) (green)

This moisture-resistant MDF board, also known as MDF Moisture Resistant or MDF MR for short, offers the same application possibilities as MDF Bruut, with the addition that this board is moisture- and mould-resistant. This makes MDF moisture-resistant the ideal board for a multitude of indoor applications in the bathroom, kitchen, but also windowsills, shutters, etc. You will recognise this moisture-resistant MDF board by its green core. Available from Cypers as standard or with double-sided primer (white)!

MDF fire-retardant (FR) (pink)

Fire safety is not only an increasingly common issue in newbuilds, but also in renovations. The strength of these fire-retardant MDF boards? A greatly improved heat- and flame-resistance! Cypers is therefore the perfect distributor of MDF fire-retardant for projects in public buildings with strict fire standards, such as hospitals, airports, rest homes, theatres and hotels.

MDF Melamine/lacquer backing foil

A melamine finish? MDF is your ideal base board. Laminated MDF is not only scratch-proof and resistant against chemical products, this board can also be hygienically cleaned.

The variety of decors and structures makes laminated MDF an extremely decorative product. MDF can also be laminated on one side, so that the panel can be finished with lacquer backing foil. You can find out all you need to know at Cypers!

MDF Plus - Deepfreeze (StyleBoard)

Are you a professional varnisher? The deepfreeze quality of this MDF Plus gives an even better result after finishing than the standard MDF board. We achieve this quality through greater homogeneity and density during the production process, but also by using wood fibres of beech as opposed to pine. Choose from deepfreeze quality in standard finish or one-sided white melamined.

MDF through-coloured (black)

A dye was added to this MDF board, which is particularly suited to decorative purposes, resulting in a perfectly even black colour. But that's not all, the MDF through-coloured is also moisture-resistant, and thanks to its coloured sides requires much less finishing. MDF boards are also stronger than the standard MDF boards. Cypers is your ideal distributor for MDF through-coloured.

MDF Veneered

Veneered MDF is perfect for furniture. This MDF board has a thin veneer in a fine type of wood (oak). The top layer gives veneered MDF that authentic look. This refined quality is also available from Cypers.