MFP boards as construction material

Multifunctional Plate, or MFP for short, deserves its name: this multifunctional plate is used in a great many applications! The base material of MFP boards: wood residues from the wood-processing industry. Mixed and compressed together with moisture-resistant melamine, the result is a stable and extremely reliable construction board!

Cypers is first in line to supply your top-quality MFP boards. In our range: the E1/P5 board: suitable for almost all applications! Cypers can offer this MFPboard with straight edges or T&G (tongue-and-groove), in various thicknesses.

Applications of MFP boards

MFP boards are perfect as floorboards, ceiling boards, construction material for interior design and shopfitting and for roof work (attic conversions). Even where a damp environment presents a challenge, you can always count on the reliable strength of our MFP boards!

Use MFP boards as wall plates? That too is possible. They are a cheap and easy-to-install alternative to more traditional wall plastering.

Characteristics and benefits of MFP boards

  • Easy to install - Thanks to the size of the boards, you can cover relativelylarge areas in no time. Simply use glue, nails or screws during installation.
  • Easy to work - An MFP board is just as easy to work as wood(sawing, gluing, painting, varnishing, etc.)
  • Cheap -Thanks to the short installation and working time of MFP boards,you can keep your costs under control.
  • Strong - The MDF board is perfect for constructions in which load-bearing capacity plays a major role.
  • Moisture-resistant - Gluing MFP boards is no problem even in dampenvironments such as bathrooms.
  • Good for the environment - The producers of our MFP boards pay closeattention to the origin of the wood that is used to make MFP boards.

These boards also have a long lifetime.

Stock of MFP boards

Want to get to know our stock of MFP boards? View our stock or contact Cypers. Our experts will be happy to offer you tailored advice!