Multiplex boards: an established name as a constructive board

Do you need wood-based material that will hold up well in heavily loaded constructions? Then Cypers can supply you with multiplex boards, made up of several wood veneer layers glued together crosswise. Sturdiness guaranteed!

Applications of multiplex boards

We take account of your wishes even when manufacturing your multiplex boards. Cypers focuses on multiplex boards for kitchen and interior design, where the looks are often more important to you than multiplex boards intended for construction. We offer multiplex for interior elements and furniture such as:

  • Birch Multiplex: The veneer layers are made from birch. The keyproperties are the stability and the narrow edge. Particularly suited to interior elements and furniture. Can also be used as a sandwich board or for gluing HPL.
  • Poplar Multiplex: The veneer layers are made from poplar. Poplar ensuresextra-light multiplex boards. They are also suitable as sandwich boards or for gluing HPL.

Characteristics and benefits of multiplex

Multiplex boards have been used in the furniture and construction sectors for centuries, but even today, thanks to Cypers you can still put your trust in this wood-based material with its many plus points:

  • Ecologically sound-Even lesser-quality veneer wood can be included inthe inner layers of the board with no risk of loss of strength. The result? The amount of residual waste wood is significantly reduced.
  • Strong - Compared with solid wood, multiplex boards are often strongerand therefore more reliable than standard construction boards.
  • Limited effect -With multiplex boards, expansion and shrinkage due tofluctuations in temperature is minimal, in contrast to solid wood.
  • Various sizes - All manner of thicknesses and sizes are available in ourrange of multiplex boards.
  • Light - Multiplex is lighter and stronger thanMDF. Multiplex is thereforeoften preferred over MDF.
  • Attractive prices - Multiplex is relatively cheap compared with MDF, for example. Where possible, multiplex is therefore used instead of the more expensive MDF boards.


The final quality of multiplex wood-based material is the result of the quality of the covering veneers used, the core, the adhesive bonds and the type of wood used. This is often designated by a letter for the visible side and a letter for the back (such as: A, B, BB, S, C, C+ or CP).