Cypers is an exclusive distributor of Alpha-Akustik®, the silent force for pleasant acoustics. After all, in contemporary architecture, materials such as stone, concrete, glass and aluminium can reflect sounds strongly. The noise-absorbing systems of Alpha-Akustik® quietly combine excellent acoustics and beautiful design.

With Cypers as your distributor, you can quickly integrate Alpha-Akustik® materials into your project, both as ceiling or wall panels, but also as cabinet fronts (available as standard or custom-made). Want a finish in veneer, HPL, lacquer or melamine? Cypers will be happy to oblige!

Alpha-Akustik® product lines

Cypers will be glad to help you with your acoustic solutions. Come to us for:


  • Enhanced room acoustics
  • Noise reduction through sound insulation in the room
  • Modular acoustic system for an almost unlimited range of sound-absorbing options
  • The ideal product for every application
  • High-quality product for interior fittings

Product properties

  • Manufactured on per-order basis
  • Largest available size: 3600 x 1400 mm for panels with holes and panels with slats
  • Optional hole perforation
  • Distance between holes fixed along the length (8/10.66/16/21.33/32/64)
  • Distance between holes along the width (8/10.66/16/21.33/32/64)
  • Axial dimensions of the grooves 8/10,66/16/32
  • With or without border; the width of the border is variable
  • Grooves (slats) can also be produced at right angle
  • Edges available in veneer or ABS edges, 0.6-3 mm
  • Solid wood edge banding available on request
  • Closet doors with hinge and lock bore holes
  • Molded parts available on request
  • Acoustic panels with tongue-and-groove
  • Standard size 3640/3030/2780/2040 x 166 x 16/20 mm, other sizes available on request


  • DD lacquer or UV lacquer, porous or non porous
  • Stained according to colour sample
  • Surfaces lacquered in RAL or NCS colours
  • Melamine, HPL or CPL surfaces on request


  • Choice of veneers (incl. exotic)
  • Standard veneers such as Beech, Maple, Canadian maple, Oak, Ash, Birch, as selected by us or according to colour sample
  • Sliced veneers as stripes or with flowers (quarter- or flat-cut)
  • Rotary-cut veneer (e.g. birch)
  • Standard veneer thickness 0.6 mm - softwood 0.8 mm
  • Back covered in backing foil or cut veneer

Acoustic fleece

Black or White Soundtex.
Other colours are available on request

Sound absorption tests and samples of sound panels

On request, Cypers will gladly provide you with detailed reports on the sound absorption tests carried out on these sound panels. An A4 sample of the desired product can also be requested using our contact form.

Technical data


The Alpha-Akustik® range is available on a per-order basis from your exclusive distributor Cypers. Don't hesitate to contact us. We will, of course, be happy to offer advice!