As an exclusive distributor of Alpi, Cypers brings the natural beauty of wood and the versatility of HPL* to you with the pre-finished Alpikord. The Alpikord line is thus the epitome of texture and appearance.

The Alpikord line is available with lacquer in 3 different structures: groove / silk / wax.

Besides the WOOD collection a COLOUR and a DESIGN collection are also available.

Characteristics and benefits of Alpikord

  • The beauty of wood: Alpikord is a wood product, made from Alpilignum reconstituted wood. It is produced by laminating the veneer under high pressure onto a phenolic backing and then varnishing.
  • The versatility of HPL*: Alpikord has the look of wood, with the versatility and practical benefits of HPL (high pressure laminate).
  • These wood sheets are generally 3050 X 1300 mm in size with a thickness of 1 mm. They are therefore ready to use and can be used directly on any backing.


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* HPL is also known as the very strong, scratch- and wear-resistant High Pressure Laminate, laminate or synthetic board.