Exclusive distributor of Eltec: Postforming and compactforming

As an exclusive distributor, Cypers is pleased to present the ready-made panels from Eltec. These innovative semi-finished products and furniture fronts will form the centrepiece of all your projects. With the two high-tech solutions from Eltec -Postforming and Compactforming- Cypers brings a world of creativity to professionals like you!

You can use Cypers for the processing of all major brands of HPL and CPL in the various designs. You can also come to us for Senosan Acrylic Foil from the company Senoplast. If desired, Cypers can also process linoleum, veneer with a reinforced back, imitation leather and other decorative surfaces from Eltec for you.

Eltec product lines

Flat elements, rounded or curved elements in L-, U- or Z-shape, freeformed elements tailored to your needs: Cypers can provide the lot. The elements are offered in standard production lenghts or specific sizes with finished edges, holes or milled.

Eltec produces sandwich elements with every conceivable backing, from chipboard to special material, are available from Cypers. Bonding is carried out according your needs or in line with technical requirements with PUR-hotmelt or other PVAC glues.

ELTEC produces freeformed panels according to your drawings.
Eltec can also process large panels up to a thickness of 60 mm. They can not only supply elements with edges, borings and milled edges, but also with edge banding up to a 3mm thickness.

ELTEC can produce free-standing furniture for business and private use according to your wishes. Preferably the surfaces are made of laminate or ABS with acrylic coating (for example Senosan). Furniture with postforming edges or rounded forms are exemplary. Many other edge finishings with ABS- or PP-edges are possible. They can supply individual furniture as well as smaller and medium-sized series..

Cypers gives kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, shop interiors and other projects form with the Eltec creative free form elements: available in a wide range of variants with different backings, each according to you expectations and technical realisation. If you so wish, Cypers can also supply your free form elements ready to use, fitted with side board, holes, milled recesses, etc.

A flat panel with rounded edges or more complex elements in L-, Z- or other shapes? For Eltec postforming elements in every conceivable size, look no further than Cypers. In postforming, a decorative top layer is bent around the corners of the backing (Multiplex/MDF/Chipboard).

The sophisticated technique of postforming is based on a combination of heat and pressure. The decorative top layer is first rolled over the profiled edge of the backing. This layer is then made flexible by being heated to the right temperature. At that point the layer can no longer break, and becomes bendable. Finally the layer is glued and secured to the board under high pressure.

Cypers is also the place to be for compact forming elements, made from high pressure laminates with a special core structure in accordance to EN438, type CGP. These tough, impact- and chemical resistant boards are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications, such as office furniture, shop interiors, sanitary facilities, medical applications, "cleanroom" applications, labs, etc.

As with postforming, the technology is based on a combination of heat and pressure. The compact formed elements themselves are produced of High Pressure Laminates (HPL).

ELTEC has equipped its edge gluing machine with the "Hot Air System" unit from Schugoma.


Like Cypers, are you a fan of the quality products of Eltec? Then contact us to place your order or ask advice. We will be happy to help!