Decorative veneer panels in real wood

Because like you, Cypers always focuses on quality, we are an authorised distributor of veneer and veneer wood panels from various producers.

The choice of woods is enormous. Each type of wood has its own character, even each strip of veneer has its own pattern. By processing these unique pieces differently, you add an extra dimension to them.

Because there is such a wide range of possibilities when it comes to veneer, we seek out the best possible solution to your needs from among out various producers . Whether this is rough veneer, veneered panels (particle board/MDF/Blockboard or Multiplex), veneered doors or spliced veneer, we will guide you through the entire process untill your end product.

More than 150 different types of wood, different cutting methods (rolled/flat-cut/etc.), various splicing techniques (Book/Pushed/Planked/etc.) and different visual qualities are among our options. So you can, as a professional, choose from a huge range of veneer wood.

Strengths of veneer wood

Why should you choose veneer wood in your projects?

  • Veneer wood exudes the authenticity and natural beauty of wood.
  • It is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood boards.
  • You are choosing exceptionally high quality


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