Main distributor of Pfleiderer: DST decorative panels

As its largest distributor, Cypers is proud to introduce top brand Pfleiderer: the combined strength of the three excellent names Duropal, Wodego and Thermopal. The result? Cypers can offer you a product range with more than 300 different decors, as many as 16 possible surface structures with chipboard and fibreboard in various qualities, decorative panels (DecoBoard), laminate, compact HPL, HPL panels, worktops and lots more! So thanks to Cypers, you always have perfect decorative panels within reach. Naturally of outstanding quality... as you would expect from us.


DST - D for decor, S for structure, T for base material (Trägermaterial)

Unique in the world of wood products: DST system, already tested byThermopal and now available from Cypers! Thanks to this system, products from Pfleiderer - decors, structures and base materials - can be combined entirely in accordance with your wishes and requirements*. For this,

are available as a DST combination collection.

These combination possibilities not only give the Pfleiderer range an almost unlimited freedom of design with each interior. With this system, it is also easier to retain an overall picture of the large range, available from Cypers.

*) Decor, structure and base material can affect the look and colour of the end product. With certain product combinations, differences in colour and structure can occur in the surface structure, even though the designation of the decor or structure is identical. For the best result we will be happy to provide you with personalised advice!

1. Laminated panels – DecoBoard

DecoBoard (DB)

DecoBoard (DB)

  • •Decorative board, made from particle board/MDF/HDF or Blockboard, depending on the application (see basic information)
  • Printed melamine-impregnated decorative paper applied under high pressure
  • Wide range of Decors and Structures from the DST combination programme

Applications of Decoboard

  • The manufacture of furniture
  • Fitting out hotels, schools, offices, shops
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Table tops
  • Caravan, motor, shipbuilding
  • ...



2. HPL and HPL Compact



  • Decorative high-pressure laminate in postforming quality
  • According to HGP/VGP classification, to EN 438-3
  • With a robust melamine resin surface and sanded reverse.
  • Also available in non-flammable quality
  • Can be glued to most base materials

Applications of Duropal-HPL

  • quality kitchens
  • high-quality office furniture
  • Walls and doors, furniture and installations in the retail and recreational facilities, hotel and restaurant industry, administrative buildings, day nurseries, schools, sanitary facilities, clinical or laboratory sectors: where maintenance and hygiene are top priorities
  • ...
Duropal-HPL Compact met zwarte en witte kern

Duropal-HPL Compact with black and white core

  • Compact high-pressure laminate
  • In standard quality and the classification CGS to EN 438-4
  • Decorative melamine resin surface on both sides
  • Also available in non-flammable quality

Applications of Duropal-HPL Compact with black core

  • Partition walls, doors and furniture in sanitary and wet areas, such as spa and leisure facilities
  • Hospitals, laboratories and the medical sector: with higher hygiene demands
  • Shops and kitchens, where a high degree of sturdiness is required
  • Furniture and fitting elements in private and public sectors: where minimum material cross-section or open edge solutions are required
  • ...

Applications of Duropal-HPL Compact with white core

  • Exceptional furniture and interior design concepts
  • Damp and wet zones with the highest demands on aesthetics, functionality and durability
  • Not suitable for areas with large fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • In the residential and interior design sector
  • In shops, exhibition facilities and recreation
  • Shelves, displays, sanitary facilities and wall components, table tops and worktops
  • ...


3. HPL SolidColor

  • Uniformed color through high-pressure laminate
  • Processing without visible edges and joints
  • Very durable and hardwearing
  • A solid decorative board
  • Constructed from a series of compressed resin cellulose papers encased in a melamine impregnated decorative paper
  • These are compressed into a sturdy board
  • Available in 9 decors, mainly with a black core
  • Various surface structures possible

Applications of HPL SolidColor

  • The colour through core creates the freedom of a monochrome design without visible edges or joints
  • High-quality and aesthetically demanding furniture and design elements
  • Processing without visible edges and seams
  • Suitable for racks, shelves, doors, furniture fronts,trade fairs systems, sales displays
  • Not suitable for spaces with large fluctuations in temperature and humidity
  • Not suitable for Postforming
  • Derived from the SolidColor collection are:
  • Duropal-Element SolidColor P2
  • Duropal Furniture Element SolidColor P2


4. Sandwich panels (Flat bonded elements)


Duropal sandwich panel

  • Sandwich board of Chipboard / MDF/Multiplex or Blockboard
  • Finished on both sides with Duropal-HPL

Applications of Duropal sandwich panel

  • Can be used on a wide range of core materials
  • Hygienic and maintenance-friendly
  • Ideal for areas of high specification demand
  • Duropal Furniture elements, including high-quality edge option
  • ...

The various base materials are available as a sandwich panel finished with Duropal - HPL, Duropal - HPL metallic or Duropal- HPL magnetic on both sides.


5. Worktops and Windowboards

  • The convenient solution for furniture and interior fitting
  • High-quality, sturdy HPL surface
  • Hygienic and easy care
  • Choice of different variants

Applications of worktops and windowboards

  • Wherever sturdiness and durability are required
  • Modern kitchens and bathrooms
  • Canteens and restaurants
  • Operating tables and laboratories
  • In the commercial and industrial sector
  • ...


    6. Fire protection

    • Preventive fire protection in interior construction, newbuilds and renovation
    • From flame-resistant to non-flamable materials

    Applications of fire protection

    • Preventive fire protection in the decorative sector
    • Interior design as walls and ceilings, installations, room dividers and furniture
    • In industrial and administrative buildings, schools, sports halls and festival halls
    • In hotels and the care sector
    • ...


    7. Lightweight constructions

    • Panels with outstanding processing properties
    • A low weight, but a high compressive strength
    • Dimensions to minimise cutting waste
    • Available as DecoBoard or with hard-wearing HPL surface

    Applications of lightweight constructions

    • For shipbuilding, motor and caravan construction
    • For interior and shop design, such as displays, partitions and mobile elements
    • Wherever ecologically sustainable and weight reduced materials are required
    • ...


    8. ESA (on request)

    Need to avoid electrostatic charges? Ensure conductivity with the ESA products from Pfleiderer.

    Applications of ESA

    • Wherever electrostatic charges are to be prevented
    • In the microelectronics sector, laboratories and central control rooms,: the conductive components offer a safe and easy earthing option for furniture, partition elements and panels
    • ...


    9. Metal (on request)

    Authentic real metal surface, available with melamine surface. Also available as laminate and HPL-element board.

    Applications of genuine metal

    • For vertical use with real aluminium surface in high-quality interior design, shop and fair construction, for kitchens and furniture, in the private residential and public sector, office buildings
    • Not suitable for horizontal surfaces and surfaces exposed to mechanical loads
    • ...


    10. Individual (on request)

    • Create your own design with the latest digital printing technology.
    • Build your own picture with Individual to develop your ideas

    Applications of Individual

    • Robust/flame-retardant surface material
    • Where fire protection, design, maintenance, moisture resistance and strength count
    • Creative furniture design
    • Interior design of shops, fairs and stores
    • Gastronomy
    • Training and leisure facilities
    • Medical practices and clinics
    • Public and special buildings
    • Wellness and sanitary facilities
    • Hotels, cruise ships and schools
    • Not suitable for long-term outdoor use
    • ...


    11. Linoleum (on request)

    Surface of incomparable natural material

    • High-quality, natural linoleum surfaces
    • Attractive with pleasant warm feeling
    • Available as a laminated board with different core materials

    Applications of Linoleum

    • Desktops, tables and archives, cabinet fronts, racks, interior doors, partitions and wall coverings
    • In offices and in shop design
    • ...