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Cypers, wood-based material of the first rank

Decorative and constructive boards

For more than 90 years Cypers, as a distributor of decorative and constructive boards, has been helping build the success of professional carpenters, joiners, kitchen fitters, architects and interior designers. We achieve this success by putting our motto 'quality, innovation and sustainability' into practice every day together with our suppliers.

Professional advice on wood-based material: decorative and constructive boards

Your perfect end product starts with the choice of the right decorative or constructive board. That sounds easier than it is...

Which board is most suited as a kitchen worktop? What should you look for with boards you want to use for sanitary facilities? What boards can you rely on for your design cabinet? What board structure is best for a laboratory? What edges go best with the decor of your choice? What base material is the right choice for your wall boards? When are you better off using laminate and when melamine?

Our team of experts is asked this type of question on a regular basis. Even experienced professionals often seek our advice before presenting their ideas to their end customers.

Through many years of collaboration with our suppliers and our in-depth knowledge of materials and products, Cypers is able to answer all your questions concerning wood-based materials. Thanks to our advice, choosing the right board for the job is child's play.

Wide range of professional wood-based material

As a professional you only work with top-quality wood-based material. In that regard, you've come to the right place!

That Cypers exudes quality is apparent from our carefully selected range of wood-based materials. We are a main distributor of top brand Pfleiderer (Duropal/Thermopal), exclusive distributor of Betacryl® , Alpi, Holz in Form , Eltec and Alpha-Akustik®.

Every product in our range of decorative panels can be personalised down to the last detail with the latest new decors and structures. Thus, we offer the perfect solution for every conceivable type of interior and furniture, fully tailored to your needs and expectations.

The constructive boards in our range are also of exceptional quality, with excellent wood-based panels for every application.

Finishing option and punctual delivery

Every board you order can be prepared by us for your production cycle (service/custom work). This saves you considerable time and money.

We have a large selection of products from all our suppliers in stock, which we can deliver straight away. Other products according to your specifications are available to order. Here too we aim together with our partner companies for the shortest possible delivery times, with a single constant: to guarantee you top quality!

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