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Product information

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In our range you will find every possible decor from the best known brands. For every interior you want to create or every furniture line you want to produce, we offer a solution.

The atmosphere and appearance you can create with our decors vary from very traditional to ultra-modern, from commercial cool to domestic warm, from sober to trendy.

In addition to the decors of our decorative boards, you can also choose from various surface structures. This makes it possible to order fully personalised and unique decor boards. At Cypers you will find the perfect solution to make your kitchens or interiors stand out.

Do you have questions concerning a particular decor or, despite our large selection, can you not find what you are looking for? Then contact our decor specialists. They will be happy to help you realise all your interior and furniture projects.


Besides the decor of your wood-based material, the structure also contributes to the overall impression given by a kitchen, bathroom or even complete interior. As a furniture maker, you probably make the final choice for a particular structure yourself. Interior designers, on the other hand, often have to take into account their clients' preferences.

In both cases it is advisable to obtain detailed advice first. Only in this way can you be 100% certain of your project's end result. In this section we will help you on your way with more practical information about structures. Naturally you can always call on the know-how of our team of experts should you have any questions.

Factors when choosing a structure

A number of factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing a suitable structure. The main ones are described below.

The application of the structure

The choice of structure begins with the nature of your application. Furniture, for example, has different requirements from parquet flooring in that regard. By bearing in mind the end-use of a board, choosing a structure becomes a whole lot easier.

The appearance of the structure

The appearance of the structure is generally the deciding factor. What's more, this is logical, because an application should look beautiful. Because the notion of 'beautiful' means different things to different people, our range includes a varied selection of structures.

The comfort of a structure

The comfort of the structure is the third important factor you should consider. Wood-based material ultimately fulfils a function that goes way beyond purely aesthetic decoration. The ease of use and maintenance of your application largely depend on the chosen structure.

Basic information

On this page you will find extra information about the materials of our main partners, as well as brochures and general information that can help you choose the material for your project.

Technical Data Sheets

Here is where you will find the technical data for a number of products. This page is regularly updated, so pay a visit every now and then. If you cannot find the information you require, contact us.