Structures of wood-based material

Besides the decor of your wood-based material, the structure also contributes significantly to the appearance of a kitchen, bathroom or interior. As a furniture maker, you probably make the final choice for a particular structure yourself. Interior designers, however, often have to take into account their clients' preferences.

In both cases it is advisable to obtain detailed advice first. Only in this way can you be 100% certain of your project's end result. As a main distributor of Pfleiderer (Duropal/Thermopal/Wodego), exclusive distributor of Holz in Form and Alpi, Cypers can offer you structures from these suppliers that willgive your projects that extra dimension!

Factors that determine the choice of a structure

Choosing the ideal structure? A few tips from Cypers:

  • Application of the structure: What will you use the board for? Forfurniture, worktops, cabinet fronts? We will be pleased to help you choose the right structure, taking into account your applications.
  • Appearance of the structure: Glossy or super-matt? Antislip or finegrain? Pearl or wood grain? Cypers offers a wide range of structures, for every taste. Ask us for advice!
  • Comfort of a structure: The structure of your wood-based material is adelight for the eye, but is more than that. The ease of use and maintenance of your application largely depends on the chosen structure. What comfort will you choose? Cypers will help you on your way.

We can make your choice easier with practical information about structures. Naturally you can always contact our team of experts should you have any questions.