ALPI structures

Cypers is your exclusive distributor of the ALPIkord line, with three different surface finishes, ready to use:

1. "Groove" structure (0 gloss)

Already felt the characterful "Groove" structure? The wood product is brushed in the direction of the grain, bringing the structure of real wood to life. The composite wood takes on a natural and authentic look and feel.

2. "Silk" structure (15 gloss)

Lustre and elegance are woven into this refined finish. The "Silk" structure displays the tactile and visual qualities of traditional craftsmanship.

3. "Wax" structure (5 gloss)

The finishing touch of the "Wax" structure is matt. The finish looks like that of natural wood, treated with beeswax or wood oil.

ALPIrobur structures

Cypers is also an exclusive distributor of the fire-resistant ALPIrobur line, for specific fire protection preferences or requirements in your industry. Choose from two different structures, with a melamine top layer:

1. "Soft" structure = Matt finish

2. "Ol" structure = Satin finish