Service / custom work for wood-based material


Not only our wide range of products, but also our extensive services show that Cypers, as a distributor, knows a great deal about (decorative) wood-based material. Providing a very quick and high-quality service? Our standard! Discover here our services that can give your project an even greater chance of success:

Bonding wood-based material

Bonding wood-based material is an art. It is a delicate matter best left to experts. Every professional bonding process therefore requires a specific approach. Contact us for more information!

Edge Bonding

Edge bonding with the utmost precision and speed ?

You will receive from Cypers beautifully finished boards that are ready to be incorporated quickly into your interior or furniture application. Different materials can also be used with edge bonding, contact us for a brief explanation!

Custom made

For more complex constructions or projects, our specialists and the technical specialists of our partners (Eltec, Holz in Form and alpha-akustik®) are there to provide you with the necessary assistance. From design to realisation, they will be happy to help and advise you. In that case you should certainly contact us!